About Where I am And How I’m Doing

Will here is a blog post not sure if I have done wrote one or not already.  It is November 19, 2018 now that is the date I am writing this and the time is 10:25 PM.   Just want to make a note of when I did this blog post.

I am writing this just to let people know what I am doing and how I seem to be doing.  Don’t think I am doing very good as don’t seem to be on here as much as I was when I first started this program here at Wealthy Affiliate.  Not real sure why I am not on here quit so much except I seem to have a lot of trouble with getting things on my posts the way I am showed to do it.

I try one time things seem to be working and then go and come back and try it again and for some reason it just don’t seem to work the way I hoped it would.  Also thought I had a green thumb but have not been able to get the plants to grow like I want either.  So am seriously thinking of giving up on the web site of Starting Plants and trying something else not sure what thow.

Am not sure where to start with something completely different and have not really sure what it will be.

I had thought we were going to be moving south but that I don'[t believe is going to be happening as the wife has got some problems that kind of threw a wrench in the works.  So being able to go south and doing the plants there isn’t going to be happening either.

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