72 Cell Starter Trays

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The Best Way To Get Started

The trays come in 10 cell trays up to 72 cell trays.  It is always best to get them with a clear plastic dome.  The smaller celled trays seem to have a higher dome for them.  That is great as you can keep them growing with the ade of plant lights.  I bought a coat or garment pole to hang the fluorescent light from which makes it a lot easier to get it to shine onto the plants.

That way you can get the seeds started before the cold freezing weather stops.  Most of the celled trays have a drainage hole in them.   One way to remedy that if you don’t want the holes is to line each cell with a piece of plastic.   Then once the seeds start growing it is best to purchase a plant light to put over them so they won’t need to be put in a window.

That is the reason it is better to get the trays that have a higher doom to get the plants to grow a lot bigger and stronger.   I have a landlord that use to work for a landscaping place and he told me one way to help make the plants get stronger was to have a fan blowing on them so they would get stronger.

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