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This Is A Little About Carl

I am 69 years old.  I live in Wisconsin in the central part.  I have liked working with plants since I was about 10 years old I started a lot of flowers outside around the house.

When I walked home from school I would go past a Green House and they would discard plants that I guess were suppose to have something wrong with them and I would pick some up and take them home and plant them in my garden.  They would grow and look nice.

My mom always told everybody I could get anything to grow as everything I planted seemed to grow and look good She would always also say I had one big green thumb.  I would get plants and bulbs from different people and from my relatives to grow.  I remember one time my grandma gave me a rosebush and I planted it right in the front of our house below a large window and that rosebush took off and got to be a good sized bush and blossomed every year.   It was still growing when I grew up and left the house.

So now I want to get this site going.  I am going to be showing what is the best way to get the plants started and what to do after they are growing.

Will be telling you how there is several ways to get plants started.  I will be having articles in the future how each way there is to start them.

These two pics below are just a couple of the plants I got started from seeds that I acquired.  As these plants mature I will be up dating the pictures on here.  I just replanted these as my wife does not want me to sell them.  I will be adding a trellis to the humming or Trumpet vine soon.

Hummingbird or Trumpet Vine
Butterfly Bush


Will here is my updated picture with the Trellis

Little More About Me

I have been living in  Wisconsin.  I live in a two bedroom condo on the west side of Reedsburg, Wisconsin.  I have been living here for almost a year now and am thinking of moving Down south in the Louisiana area.   As one of my daughters moved down there to work in one of the hospitals in New Orleans.   Would like to take a trip down there here in the near future.   To see what it is like down there before we move down there.   Will be continuing this website there.

Little more about what I’m doing or going to be doing here in the near future.   I have been ordering plants from Publishers Clearing House that when I receive them here in the fairly soon.   I am thinking about planting them and getting them to grow and hopefully bloom.

Once they do start to grow and get flowers on them will take them to Farmer Markets to sell.   I am hopping this  will work out the way I want it to.  It sure can’t hurt to try something like this.   As the flowers should grow pretty easy and start to flower which people will be able to see the end result.

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