About My Training On Wealthy Affiliate

I just added Kyle to my google+ he I sure most know who he is but for the ones that don’t is part owner of Wealthy Affiliate and teaches the website building on it.  I have been there or here around a month now.   I am learning how to do a lot of different things here at Wealthy Affiliate.  Just have to keep plugging along and get it all done.  One lesson at a time words in it.  It would take me about a couple days to think of what to write.


That and my talking and the way it comes out a lot of times sounds like a third grader did it.  And a second grader I think can figure out which word to use like will and well.  Most of the time I use the wrong words like that where one vowel blows my mind.   


One thing I do have to say is.  I need to talk or put in my sections is more about the types of plant starters to be using.  One thing I have found out is the starters go quit a bit bigger then I first thought.  there is about as big a units as there are types of starters.   I believe the best ones to use now is the ones that are smaller amounts of cells and they seem to have much bigger domes  which I think is better as the plant can stay in them longer and get much more mature so as to survive transplanting them where you want them to be.  The name of my website is     http://www.startingplants.com   


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