Butterfly Bushes There Are Selveral Different Kinds Of Butterfly Bushes.

Butterfly Bushes

There are several different kinds of butterfly bushes. I have one kind that I have growing here at home. Will be showing them all here.

  • The first butterfly bush that has different colors on a panicle. The fragrants are Lavender, orange star, and butterscotch-yellow blend together to form a striking color display.
  • There is one that has three different stalks of color. They are Lavender, Pink, and Magenta that is a striking color assortment.
  • This lavender color bush has 12 1/2″ to 15″ panicles that bloom after the gardens are quitting down this bush that grows 5′ to 6 feet tall is still in full bloom. The deer don’t seem to bother it but the butterfly, humming birds and the bees love it.
  • Easy-to-grow, drought-tolerant shrub produces fragrant, dark purple, nearly black, flower spikes that lure butterflies to the garden from midsummer to frost. the spikes grow up to 10″ long. and the bush grows up to 10′ tall.

All of these bushes grow to around 5′ to 9′ and the blossoms fragrance smell like honey.  The flowers are all panicles with many star shaped flowers.  Most of the plants flower from mid summer to frost.

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