Flower Pots

I am going to be purchasing some flower pots for some of my starters to grow them in. I have found some on Amazon that I will be buying later this week.  I do have about 6 plants that I would like to get planted into bigger pots so the plants will grow a little taller and bigger around Then by next spring they my get some flowers on them.

I do get some flower pots for .99 cents a piece when they are emptied out at Viking Village a Super Market with a flower shop inside. They are pots that the business gets with cut flowers in them and when they get them empty they put them out to be sold. That way they make some money instead of putting them out to be recycled or put into the garbage. Any way that is one way to get pots for plants.

The pots I get from Viking Village Don’t have drain holes in them so I take an drill holes in them so as not let them get to wet as I set them outside to grow in the summer. I purchase Saucers to put them into so as not to have to keep watering them every day. It works out pretty good that way.

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