My Accomplishments So Far In WA

Wealthy Affiliate Accomplishments

Will I got signed up here at Wealthy Affiliate about a month ago. Then I had to think of a niche I wanted to use on my Site That wasn’t very hard as I have been doing what I used off and on for most of my life. That is working with plants.

Thinking About What To Write

I have always liked to work with flowers of different kinds. I have been planting little gardens pretty much any place I can put them. So the about me page was not to hard to find something to write about. Then I wrote content about what I used to get my plants started with the several different ways to do it.

I learned how to install a Pivacy Policy and where to put it. Then we learned how to find keywords good ones and some lower ones. Then write a content page using them to make o nether post for both the high keywords in the content. Then a Content with using the low keywords

Getting A G+ Account

Then we were to get a Google+ account and find some people that had the 1plus to follow and write some content on that. Then had to get it posted on Google Plus account to have people follow us on it.

The Biggest And Most Inportant Thing We Need To Do

That is answering any questions that other people might have when they are having problems. That goes the other way also when I am having problems I need to get help with. It has been said the only dumb Question is the one that don’t get asked. This is so true. If you don’t ask you will never learn how to do it. Just because you have asked it though you don’t want to give up on it because you just might be able to figure it out for yourself. If you do you want to let people know that you did get it fixed up thou.

Now The Last Lesson On Level Two

The last level is to look and see what our standings are where we fit on the scale. Found out their is three different things that is deciding where we fall on the scale. One is answering questions that are asked and helping them with their problem 2 is finding things to help make things easier like some sort of program or way to do it.

My Three Month Goal

My 3 months goal is to have my website close to being done and hopefully start bring me a little cash in I don’t think that is to much to hope for.  and going to try and be an ambassador by then.

My Sixth Month Goal

I am going to be earning at least 100 dollars by my sixth month.  So that means I am going to have to keep my nose to the grindstone or I will not make it.

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