Plant Starters Is The Way To Start Plants

Plant Starters

  • Plant Starter is the way to start plants different ways.
  1. One way is from planting bulbs,
  2. digging up plants and breaking the roots apart and replanting them
  3. By taking cuttings and sticking them in water
  4. Some can be planted into the soil to get started.
  • I will go into more depth in my sections that will follow.
  • A multi cell planter can be 2 cells or up and over 72 cells.    This is a 6 cell starter with a dome to help keep plantings moist.  Some of the things that should be taken into consideration when you want to start seeds.
  1. First thing to consider is what is it you want to start.
  2. How many seeds or plants it is you are considering.
  3. Is it a vegetable garden you are thinking of starting.
  4. Then consider the type of starters you want to use. 

Now after considering the the 4 steps above you should be able to get the type of starter you will need.  It will just depend on how big of garden you want.  If you are planting a garden for the family I believe the best starter to use is the 72 cell starter with a dome is best as you will be able to get your plants all going even if you are doing different.

 Several Types And Ways To Start Plants

There are many types of starters to use multi types of starters you may  need to replant the plants into bigger pots if the plants don’t have room to grow.   

There are some that use bigger pots just have to decide which way you would rather go. I myself after starting my website and seeing some other bigger cells with the dooms are a better choice.  It will depend on the type of seeds you are planting and what they are for and how big a plant you want when transplanting them.

One of the draw back in using the bigger pots is finding room for them unless you are able to put up  a greenhouse to use.   One more reason in using a greenhouse over growing them indoors is you will have to purchase a plant light once the plants start to growing them indoors that is if you are growing them inside.  What I did was bought a garment hanger to put the light on and that worked out quit will.

Starting Plants From Cuttings

It is good and sometimes easy to use cuttings. Only thing when using cuttings it is best to use a piece of cardboard by making a hole in the center of it and then put the cutting trough the hole and set it on top of the container with water in it that will come up at least half of the main part of the cutting that hangs through the cardboard.

Sometimes you can take a cutting and use a fresh pot with dirt in it and plant the cutting right into the dirt and moisten the dirt a lot and keep it moist till the cutting starts to get roots and starts to grow.  It will have to be kept quit moist during this process.

Some Plants Have Roots Already

Some plants already have roots when you grow them one plant I know of is the spider plant that has roots already and all you need to do then is put the cutting from what is called the mother plant and put that cutting right into the dirt and keeping that moist.

Sometimes it works a little better if you have like a spider plant is to leave it connected to the main or mother plant and put the runner into the dirt that way it can get nourishment from the main plant or main plant while you grow the runner and that helps as it can get nourishment from to different sources.

A strawberry plant grows runners like this to and if you want to keep paths clear to walk in to pick the strawberries it is best to keep the runners from going across the paths.  And to keep the strawberries from getting dirty and rotting is to put mulch  around the plants.

Starting Plants From Bulbs Or Roots

The Gladiolus are a bulb type of plant and need to be planted in the spring after all danger of frost is done and dug up when they start turning brown and the blossoms are dead or cut from the plant. Where the Iris type is considered a root type plant that can be left out all winter.  These plants can look like they need to be broke apart or thinned out making you have more to start in the fall of the year.

A trumpet plant can be started from runner plants that grow from the roots and can be taken and started that way.  Plus they do have seed pods that can be picked off after they have turned brown looking which means that they are ready to break open at that point and then you can use the seeds to start new plants. I have been having a little trouble getting the seeds to germinate and start growing.  One thing to help out with this is to put the seeds in the refrigerator or in the freezer I will let you know if this dose help to get the seeds started by putting the seeds in the freezer.  My oldest sister told me one thing i could try is to soak the seeds a while will be giving that a try. 

So now as mentioned above there is several ways that plants are started. I will be putting some images on here of the different types of starters. So best of luck with what ever way you choose to start your plants from.


The top picture here is the light stand that I put together for a plant light.  It is actually a stand to hang garments on.  

Hanging Plant Light






The picture to the right side here is a 72 cell starting tray.  Will see if I can get more pictures on here to show other types of starters.  

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