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Will here go good post on how the Affiliate Network will work within my niche.  One thing is I have going for me is that every body likes one kind of plant or other.   Be it a spider plant or elephant ears or the everyday plants like corn, peas, and beans to be growing your own vegetables. Then there are the more flowering type of plants that are generally grown outside like gladiolus, irises, and daffodils that is just a few types of plants.


Then people sometimes like to grow their own spices and herbs indoors to have them fresh to use year round.  I think the best and easiest way to grow and even get plants started is with the self watering style planters where the moisture is produced through a condensation process called terrariums. There are so many types, shapes, and sizes to use.

I do need to get some pictures on here of some of the different kinds of Terrariums as to let people see the different kinds there are.  Will better get to it and get those pics like I said.  Will I do have a couple different pic’s here now.  Hopefully this is going to make a difference.


One thing all plants have in common is how they are started and when they are to be planted. The outside plants are usually planted in the spring of the year. The ones that usually get started in the ground are the bulb type plants. These are usually planted in Flower gardens where the person wants them to grow for the year.  It depends on the type of plant you want to plant best thing to do is ask the person that gave you the bulb or seed to find out the best time to plant them and how deep and far apart.  If you purchase the seeds in a store the package generally will give you that information.


Tulips are one type of plant that is started in the fall of the year to be one of the prettiest type of flowering plant to grow i n the spring. Then when the tulips are done they are dug up and that is when Gladiolas are planted and they blossom more in the summer time than any other time although they can be planted in the spring as soon as there is no chance of frost and will come up around the same time as some tulips so than you can have 2 different types of flowering plants pretty close together.

Now for the seed plants. The seed plant if you want an early harvest of the vegetable variety it is best to get these started in plant starters.  There are several different types of starters to use.   In the process of working on my niche here I have found some that I believe would be the best to use.  The main thing to take into consideration is.

  1. The type of plant
  2. The time you want to transplant your plants
  3. The amount of plants you want to plant
  4. How strong of plant you want to restart or replant

There are starters that can start plants with heat or without.   Also there are planters that will let you have a good sized plant to replant in your garden.   Also there are starters with domes and some without.  The ones without the domes need a lot more attention as you will need to keep these plants watered.   Whereas the ones that have the domes are more terrarium type and keep them selves moist and if you have the heated type of plant starter it will have a good tendency to germinate much faster than those that aren’t heated.  Also to get by cheaper is to buy a portable heater to run in the room to help the plants germinate faster.


Now there are a good many places to which a person can perches plants that are already started and in a lot of cases flowering also.  I myself would rather be the one to start them on my own.  One reason for starting your own seeds is you know the type and kind of product  or brand you are growing.

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