The Angel Plant Has Two Types Of Flowers

The Angel Plant Has Two Types Of Flower

The trumpet angle plant
Flower is pure white and has a look alike that is also white only thing is it
droops and is called Datura Inoxia (Devil’s Trumpet) Flower. This plant is considered very dangerous to humans and animals. When used by anybody that thinks they know or think they know how to use it.

Today, people frequently experiment with it for the hallucinogenic effect, but the results are so unpleasant (dark visions, disorientation, amnesia, blurred vision, dry mouth, and incontinence) that they seldom recommend the experience. So I would have two say stay away from experimenting with it. There is a lot of good value with this plant and its seeds only the Scintest will know should do the testing with it.

This plant likes wasted areas overgrown pastures and rangelands, roadsides, and abandoned roadbeds, fence rows. Apparently, disturbance and reduced competition are required for the plant to become established and grow.

Hummingbirds sometime visit the flowers, but are affected by the alkaloids in the nectar and must limit their consumption. But the honeybees are apparently unaffected from it. The plant has a nighttime fragrance that is believed attracts nighttime moths.

So that is why the Datura Inoxia (Devil’s Trumpet Plant) Flower. I don’t believe I could recommend anybody to have or grow this plant.

You been Warned.

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