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Will I guess I better get to writing this post.    I guess it is going to be about the Share A Sale site I just joined and was accepted into.     The biggest problem I have is getting the webinar and video I am suppose to take.  I am going to have to get to the Webinars and Video before they drop me as a member.   Will I have got a new affiliate marketing site called Pottery Barn and going with indoor pots this is just one of many in the site and it has about four different sizes to use.

Will I got the picture from the site and have it put here in my post. Looking real good now just have to get the link to hook too the picture.   Will I would like to make the picture a little smaller but I guess this is alright the way it is.

Will back to Share a Sale and try and see if there is any flower pots within the program.  I tried to find more pictures of pots but i did not have any luck so far.  Will have to play around on this site a little  more.  Humming bird vines going to check and see if there is any kind of plants on Share A Sale site.  Will I did find some plants on the Share A Sale site.  Going to put a picture on here from one of the sites.Live Lavender Plant in Moss Pot

Okay this is one of the plants that are on the site Pottery Barn.   Looks like if this plant was put in an outside garden it might be something that humming birds and Butterfly like.  This plant is in a moss type pot.   So not real sure but it could be a fairly easy plant to replant by planting the whole plant in the garden as it is a moss type pot.   Will be looking more at this program called Share A Sale site.  So far not doing to bad here on this affiliate site.

At least I do have a site that is working for me so far so good.  I do need to try and get more links connected to here.

Will I did make it to last Fridays Farmers Market at the Reedburg hospital and sold  about 4 plants this last Friday.  Sure was glad to be set up there should try and make the one on Thursday 8:00 AM till 3:00PM and that is being held at the Reedsburg City Park.  That way will try and sell some more of the bushes.

I have one great Landlord as he came up with a wire type shelving unit.   He has put the unit outside my apartment here now to use.  I really like this one as it is like a wire type that will let the rain water go from the top unit down through the next shelf down as it is a wire type shelf.  Don’t know how much use I will get from it this year now anymore as it is getting colder here in Wisconsin now.  So won’t be having plants outside much longer now.

I am thinking of taking off in a good direction with my Starting Plants.  I am going to start a herbal type of plant that I will put into little type pots that can be put in kitchen window cells.  The best part of doing the herbal or spice plants now is it is something that can be growing and starting in little pots.

So this is something I just thought about doing along with the butterfly bushes and hummingbird vines.

The first thing I will need to look at is the way I want to get these started then to keep them growing and looking great for sale at hobby shops and gift shops type places.  so lets go see the different types of plants a person would like to have as spices growing in a kitchen window to use.   Assortment of 12 Culinary Herb Seeds - Non-GMO - Grow Cooking Herbs- Parsley, Thyme, Cilantro, Basil, Dill, Oregano, Sage, More  Here is some seed I believe would be a great start. Guess  the best way to get started would be to start some kind of way to see what people think would be the most they would like to have growing in there kitchens.  Once I find that out would be the ones I would be best to start off with growing.

The next project would be the best types of ways to get them started if it would be best to start them in starters or in the types of pots you want to sell them in.

This is just one of many different types of planters  to use.    Getting this going is going to be a big project.  I think it will definitely be a good way to make some extra money in more ways then one.

Will just ordered the two above things the seeds and a set of the ceramic pots and tray.  This is going to take a little more work then I first thought but will keep you in touch on how I am doing.  I am going to try and check out at least one more place to buy the Herbal seeds from and hopefully get what I am after.  I know it sure is not going to hurt trying to find more places to buy the seeds from.  I am going to have to find some more planters to.

Will just stopped and got some milk weed pods  today on my way back home.  So now I will be able to get some milk weeds started growing for this next spring and summer.  That is going to be great.  I also have been getting pods from several different Butterfly Bushes this year and I have been keeping them separate from each other so  that I will be able to tell the prospects the color of bud they will have when I sell them next year.  I believe I will have at least four different colors of plants this next year.  I am still working on getting some Humming Birds Vines going this year.

I need to get something going here this fall to be able to sell to make a little extra cash.  As am just barely able  to keep ahead of the money that I have coming in here.   So guess I am going to have to get some of the spice plants started to be able to sell something at a craft and Hobby site.

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